Friday, October 17, 2008

Running Together

After three months at a failed attempt to stick to a daily running regiment, I am running the Denver Half Marathon this Sunday. Feeling a bit unprepared, I have been loading up on carbs and hydrating all week. If not physically ready, perhaps, I can convince myself that I am mentally.

As race day is rapidly approaching, I am reminded that winning doesn't matter. Running has always been more of a form of meditation, relaxation, and self- reflection for me.

Whether running the trails or running the city streets a friendly face is the only reminder I need to "go the distance." Since moving to Boulder, my dear friend Tara has reminded me of exactlly that. I am looking forward to many laughs, "claps", daydreaming of different foods, and yells of "are we there yet," this Sunday as I sit back and enjoy running for what it is...simply running.

This time I won't be leaving anyone in the dust!