Friday, June 13, 2008

There's Gold In Them Hills!

Last weekend, I took a most incredible journey to Gold Hill, Colorado just a short ride from downtown Boulder. A quiet isolated haven, with no paved streets, but easily accessed by dirt roads, Gold Hill is true historical landmark. Originally a mining camp, it was the sight of the first major discovery of gold during the California Gold Rush in 1859. A population residing of 210 people Gold Hill's historic wooden structures are a sight to be seen.

I was in great company with another Connecticut native turned westerner. We sat at the "Gold Hill Inn," where our Sunday was all about the mountain air, whiskey, and hearty fare. Listening to the live jazz band in the backround provided a fair amount of entertainment while, we made new friends as if they were already old ones.

I recommend strapping on your boots and heading up the Hill. Who knows maybe you'll find some gold.....

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Micah said...

dude, I was with you until you hit the whisky. Whats a fine upstanding girl like you downing the devil's fire?

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