Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Total Yogi

This evening while in yoga, I thought about how much I really enjoy taking my thoughts to mat and letting everything else go. The instructor that we had this evening really allowed the energy to take over the room and blessed us all with wonderful words of love and kindness...

I was never crazy about yoga let alone the idea of cramming into a room with sixty people with the temperature reaching a stifling ninety-eight degrees. My mom has always been a yoga enthusiast hoping that I would enjoy it as much as she but, I never really "got into it."

All the mediating and self reflecting and thinking about the "powers that be" were just exhausting. And on top off all that, I would have to hold a pose for what seemed like an eternity.

Then, I discovered Core Power Yoga which, emphasizes your core abdominal muscles. This practice method consists of a rigorous blend of power, strength and endurance while still a vinyasa based yoga. The room temperature remains hot as you begin to flow through poses while listening to music.

Now, I love yoga and I would even go as far to say that I'm addicted. Over the course of time, I have been able to weave mediation, self-reflecting and awareness into my practice. For me, it is a lot like running in terms of cleansing my system and riding my body of negative energy. It is my time to pay gratitude to the things I often take for granted remembering how blessed I am.