Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Results

For all you anxiously waiting...I did it! I ran the Kaiser Permanente half marathon in 1hour 59 minutes and 9 seconds!

This experience was certainly a lot more pleasant. The weather was perfect, I was hydrated, and well rested. Throughout the course, I stayed focused and my legs seemed to lift themselves. Not having to push myself to continue, I kept running through Golden Gate Park and out to the water. I felt the sunshine on my face as I passed each mile marker. As I eventually crossed the finish line a new sense of accomplishment came over me. I had shaved 12 minutes off my previous time and I actually felt good.

After working our way through the crowds, we headed back into the city to shower up and grab some well deserved grub! Now, I have to tell you that I don't eat red meat but, today I was celebrating. Drum roll please.....I went to Taylor's Refresher and ordered a bacon cheeseburger! The best darn burger I have ever was decadent!

With all that being said, running in San Francisco was a success!