Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shedding Some Light

Last weekend, I saw the movie Taken with some friends. While it was a good thriller, I have to say that I found it disturbing and upsetting. I always knew human trafficking was appalling and mind boggling but, what I failed to understand was the scope and ignorance that surrounds the issue.

As I began researching, my thoughts and feelings about the issue only heightened. The statics are astonishing. Human trafficking is a global issue and nearly 40% of affected countries have not issued a single conviction. There is a neglect when it comes to reporting or prosecuting cases and my fear is that as a result the problem may be spiraling out of control. "We fear the problem is getting worse but we cannot prove it for lack of data, and many governments are obstructing." Upon reading this quote my blood began to boil. Why are governments in a state of denial? Very often these brothels and criminal networks are being supported and protected by high ranking officials. Perhaps, that's why?

The cases are outright sickening:
"Al Jazeera filmed secretly at several brothels, and in each case found much the same thing - rooms full of young women in their early twenties, as well as teenagers. "For my virginity they gave me $200," Ya Da, a 16-year-old former prostitute, said."

I could go on about the things I found online but, you get the point. I think more action needs to take form and more awareness needs to be drawn upon these acts against humanity. Personally, I would like to make some kind of contribution to shedding light on the issues that surround human trafficking. And let's pray that those suffering from this treatment find justice and peace.