Friday, February 20, 2009

Social Media and the O.R.

I am one of social media's biggest fans, but I'm pretty sure there is a time and place for it...

According to CNN, Dr. Craig Rogers (lead surgeon in the Henry Ford surgery) said the reason for Twittering was to "let people know that a tumor can be removed without taking the entire kidney."

Sure, I understand that social media gives the general public the power to share their ideas with massive amounts of people instantaneously, but I'm pretty sure that you can share that information AFTER the surgery is over.

I want to be clear: I absolutely support the use of social media in the most innovative ways possible. I just seriously question the judgement of a medical practitioner that sees value in twittering DURING a procedure, as opposed to utilizing the same forms of media AFTER surgery. Again- time & place...

Don't you people watch medical dramas? Doctors don't need any more distractions.